Flagrantly [adverb]

Definition of Flagrantly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Flagrantly:

Sentence/Example of Flagrantly:

If you aren’t certain a flagrant foul is warranted in that time, don’t call it.

Griffin was assessed a flagrant-one, and Bryant earned a technical foul.

For others, it’s a flagrant invasion of privacy and violation of human dignity.

The flagrant not-working of the old method is reason enough to try a new one.

Chief Judge Alexander Bryner wrote that the state’s efforts to arrest Mouser on the warrant appeared “patently inadequate when viewed in isolation,” but that prior attempts to serve him with a summons made it “less flagrant.”

Following this he sighed with a great contentment and twiddled his bare toes openly and flagrantly in the eyes of all Coldriver.

Sir, this law so flagrantly outrages the divine law, that I ought not to be sentenced under it.

If so, how was it possible for them to be so flagrantly inconsistent and unjust?

Some of the things he did were simply ridiculous and some were flagrantly impudent.

Mediumship was, in a way, her trade, and she had more than once been flagrantly detected in some most remarkable trickery.