Willingly [adverb]

Definition of Willingly:


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Sentence/Example of Willingly:

To avoid that, if there were no other way, I would most willingly be buried alive.

How willingly would my dear mother shew kindness to me, were she permitted!

I did so most willingly, as we had already got further to the eastward than I wished.

You feel sleepy after your meals, and willingly enjoy a nap?

How willingly he would have hastened back and replaced the money if he but had it.

"The Denson kids are a heap worse, if she only knew it," he said, and followed her willingly.

If he could have put away from him his love for the girl he would have done so willingly.

"Most willingly," said Virginia, retiring as Lady Delacour advanced.

Vargrave willingly consented, and dismissed his own servants.

He had a certain influence over me, and I willingly obeyed him.