Voluntarily [adverb]

Definition of Voluntarily:

of one's own free will

Synonyms of Voluntarily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voluntarily:

Sentence/Example of Voluntarily:

On the contrary, he wanted to know just what Mr Verloc would be disposed to say voluntarily.

Voluntarily, then, he had stepped from the ranks of the hunters to those of the hunted.

But why should she voluntarily lay-to in the very sight of her quarry?

Deliberately, voluntarily, she kissed him fair upon the lips.

I have not voluntarily been guilty of any desecration of holy Names.'

But what we would not do voluntarily we had to do by compulsion.

That which we are, we shall teach, not voluntarily but involuntarily.

But when Odysseus speaks falsely he is voluntarily and intentionally false.

The chances that we voluntarily confront have a wondrous fascination.

She had returned to him, voluntarily, his slender chance for life.