Spontaneously [adverb]

Definition of Spontaneously:


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Sentence/Example of Spontaneously:

Here all the varieties of his studies come into play, as it were, spontaneously.

I offer the suggestion generously, freely, and spontaneously.

What he said came from him spontaneously, without any previous arrangement.

And Desmond was writing again now; fitfully but spontaneously, as of old.

He did spontaneously the things that lesser men do at behest of their press-agents.

It spontaneously retracted into the lentil, like   the horns of a snail.

Naturally and spontaneously he will often speak of that which is so precious to his heart.

But that he should do it himself, spontaneously and with his own hands, it is not to be thought of.

It was that of an egg rolling, as it were, spontaneously over the ground?

Lemercier spontaneously and unrequested ordered the dinner and the wines.