Automatically [adverb]

Definition of Automatically:

inevitably, certainly

Opposite/Antonyms of Automatically:

Sentence/Example of Automatically:

Hence, at the end of the war, the provision for redemption of Bank of England notes will work automatically.

Tom sat for a long time before the open window in a state of half stupor, staring at the pictures his mind offered automatically.

Directly any one of these be touched, the suitable bass mechanism is automatically thrown out of action.

You mean his Subtle Body, as you call it, might issue forth automatically in deep sleep and seek the object of its desire?

Automatically, as a result of habit, she unlocked her jewel-case and took out a tiny phial containing minute cachets.

The way in which a watch is made to automatically compensate for temperature changes is interesting.

You called us in here and you figured that would automatically put you out of the picture.

"Girls, please don't," begged Betty, still digging automatically at the stubborn wall of stones and dirt.

Scattergood noticed with some pleasure that Jed's arm went automatically about her waist.

This would automatically make the services of a medical officer available.