Consequently [adverb]

Definition of Consequently:

as a consequence

Synonyms of Consequently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consequently:


Sentence/Example of Consequently:

I think those are some of the things that I’ve heard people say that the president didn’t do in January, February, March, April, and consequently caused a situation that he originally said would have 60,000 dead.

The tweak throttled the number of ad impressions available on the social network and consequently made competition for marketing space more intense, driving up costs.

For example, a third expedition, in spite of being well-disciplined, lacked leadership and was consequently destroyed by the Hungarians.

The volunteers and guerilla battalions were consequently disbanded, not a day too soon for the tranquillity of the city.

Both had appealed to Napoleon; consequently there was a decent pretext for sending a French army into Spain.

Consequently there is so universal misery that no words could exaggerate it to your Majesty.

Consequently the Chinese (or Ming) emperor sent a large army to enforce his demand for the amount of money due him.

Consequently he has taken occasion to write to your Majesty with tricks and cunning, as is said.

Consequently they endeavor to please him, without considering what he asks or what they do.

Consequently, he was soon chosen captain by his comrades, and once war broke out he speedily rose.