Immediately [adverb]

Definition of Immediately:

at once, right away

Opposite/Antonyms of Immediately:

Sentence/Example of Immediately:

This way, you’ll immediately see whether a topic has just spiked once and then dropped or whether it’s of lasting interest.

If for any reason your monthly payments stop, call your Social Security office immediately.

Board Chair Ricardy Anderson did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

For people who might be a little hesitant, to see their pastor get vaccinated builds that trust immediately.

Tidd is one of many people in the autistic community who saw two leaked scenes and immediately recognized in those acted-out moments the potential for real-life harm.

The victim has yet to be identified and it was not immediately clear whether he was an adult or juvenile.

Their algorithm will immediately process the information and make sure your business gradually climbs SERPs.

At the conclusion of the vote Frazier said the club’s officers would immediately begin changing the club’s website and other documents and city agency registrations to reflect the new name.

The FBI did not immediately return an inquiry late Monday about Caldwell’s past employment status.

When her thoughts snapped back into focus, she immediately began hunting online for other apartments.