Eventually [adverb]

Definition of Eventually:

in the course of time

Synonyms of Eventually:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eventually:


Sentence/Example of Eventually:

Anderson marketed the product to Midwestern investors who bought into the idea, but eventually sold their shares to Quaker, a Midwestern company better known for its oats.

The cable will eventually wear out and break, and you better hope you have enough left to extract the ATV after you re-attach your hook to what’s left.

It was then adapted into a script by the following February before it was eventually filmed.

With Arctaris’s funding, however, the company opened a Detroit office and eventually hired 52 full-time equivalent employees in that Opportunity Zone.

Davies and his mates would run up to the top of the hill and perform 20 situps and pushups before eventually running back down.

Streaming viewership is still widely expected to eventually overtake linear TV, and the pandemic has likely accelerated that shift.

This year’s changes to the models could eventually pay off—Bridgewater has famously thrived after downturns despite struggling at first.

Because the city retained its rights to the water, the university wouldn’t develop it on its own to serve whatever population eventually moves into new housing there.

For its part, Oracle doesn’t have any consumer-facing businesses, its bread-and-butter is business-to-business software, meaning that it may be less likely to introduce services that eventually compete with Bytedance, says Rein.

Hastings, who is from Boston, eventually did give up his vacuum-selling job to go to Bowdoin College, in Maine.