Impromptu [adjective]

Definition of Impromptu:

unrehearsed, improvised

Synonyms of Impromptu:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impromptu:

Sentence/Example of Impromptu:

Choice’s posed portraits are complemented by a quartet of impromptu shots of protesters at odds with police officers.

On Tuesday, the school added an impromptu online class for students interested in the topic, covering hedge fund mechanics and what a short squeeze is.

There are no impromptu lunch outings when people work from home.

The Locksleys and Diggs heard nothing through their impromptu workout, so Diggs headed home.

As they’re lighter than others, it’s easier to pull them out when there’s an impromptu mess to be cleared up.

Varahn convened an impromptu meeting with the council’s leadership in the stairwell — the only somewhat quiet place in the building — to strategize about what to do.

To secure unfiltered feedback from the public, she runs regular, impromptu Facebook Live sessions.

Working in the office sparks creativity such as during impromptu meetings, he added.

Doing this successfully requires formally scheduling what used to be impromptu planning sessions and using new collaboration tools.

The new talks come after Meadows on Saturday tried to have an impromptu meeting with Pelosi while she was at the Capitol and went with his entourage to her suite, only to be told she was in a meeting.