Deliberately [adverb]

Definition of Deliberately:


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Sentence/Example of Deliberately:

Prosecutors said they were unable to determine whether Kay threw the gun deliberately or reflexively on being shot.

You can use this phenomenon to your advantage by deliberately creating FOMO and driving sales.

They also revealed that Intuit was deliberately hiding the free edition from Google search by adding code on its site telling Google and other search engines not to list TurboTax Free File in search results.

If we want to live in a future full of sounds that make us feel good and with fewer of the ones that make our teeth clench, we’ve got to start designing our soundscapes more deliberately.

“And we did that all very deliberately because of that kind of lack of supply,” Gambuzza said.

What remains, of course, is the soullessness of it all, and the tendency for its characters to steer deliberately clear of any deep or existential qualms about capitalism, exploitation or any of that.

He's not deliberately cruel, but he's not nice to be around, either.

We hire very deliberately and carefully since people tend to stick around for many years to follow.

At least an additional 3 million people have missed out because they were deliberately excluded.

You see how ideas are reused and refreshed, sometimes deliberately and other times apparently by chance.