Purposely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Purposely:

"He's afraid of me," boasted Reddy in a purposely loud tone.

"Why, surely I will if that's what you command me to do," said Henry, purposely misunderstanding her.

He said Tom had purposely thrown the bottle of blacking at him.

They had purposely chosen a form of words which would mean as little as possible.

It went high—thrown there purposely; he had not dared aim it into the flame.

The contributors have been purposely selected in order to dispel this hostility.

It was even charged that he had purposely inoculated some of the evicted.

Granice turned to the servant, who seemed to be purposely lingering.

It degrades and brutalizes the whole being, and does it purposely.

I asked, purposely bending over the papers and avoiding his eye.