Simply [adverb]

Definition of Simply:

plainly, clearly

Opposite/Antonyms of Simply:

Sentence/Example of Simply:

No questions were asked; no information given; they simply disappeared.

She simply lived by her wits, and perhaps by some want of that article in her male friends.

Yet Hope had appealed to him so simply, had trusted him so nobly!

It was simply impossible to judge with any accuracy of the distance of the ship.

But as I gather it, after you shot Bill Dozier you simply sat on your horse and waited.

It was simply as to the amount of relaxation the country could bear in the duties.

It was simply a coppery glow, marvelously delicate, molding her face.

You were simply a kid that turned into a man in a day—and turned into a free man!

In dealing with your daily dreads you simply counted God out.

This says nothing of the quality of my work, which, humble as it may be, is simply the best I know how to do.