Unpretentiously [adverb]

Definition of Unpretentiously:

as anticipated

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpretentiously:

Sentence/Example of Unpretentiously:

An act of anticlimax should be treated, so to speak, as unpretentiously as possible.

A great deal of money had been unpretentiously spent on it, with a certain amount of good-humored, ordinary taste.

This was unpretentiously papered and furnished, and there I received my visitors from town and court.

As it was Sunday, I went to the church, and the church gripped me at once, for it is unpretentiously barbaric.

Here everything is unpretentiously English, and even the waiters are not all foreigners.

Her soft fine hair was unpretentiously drawn away neatly, and her doe-like eyes rested amiably on her guests.

It was so unpretentiously pretentious, so really grand in a limited and yet poetic way.