Genuinely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Genuinely:

That you will never find a genuinely great player who is not some level of brilliant.

They suggested writing a breakup song where a guy cheats on a girl, but she still feels hopeful and genuinely wishes him well.

As for whether the network effect touted by Berners-Lee will be enough to create a future where people genuinely have more control over their own data than they do in this era of Big Tech, time will tell.

They seem genuinely companionable even outside the breeding season, often roosting in the same hole even during warm spells when sharing body heat isn’t important.

Hopefully developers will embrace the variable-resistance triggers, because it genuinely adds something to the experience and, if I’m not mistaken, even has the potential to make games more accessible.

He genuinely would try to win people over by the intellect of his arguments.

Instead, younger people are much more likely than older people to report that they or members of their household have experienced barriers to voting, which suggests that they may genuinely find it more difficult to cast a ballot.

I very genuinely don’t know what we’re going to do when that ends in January.

As consumers learn more about holding companies genuinely accountable, corporate bosses will need a better answer than silence.

All these measures help give people confidence that Ardern genuinely cares about and is interested in people’s needs and views, thereby mobilizing community support for government mandates.