Authentically [adverb]

Definition of Authentically:

without a doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Authentically:

Sentence/Example of Authentically:

The lighting is much more authentic and the scenes are more immersive.

Voters are looking for candidates who are authentic and will fight for what they believe in.

Understand that your brand purpose and values create trust and authentic connections with people to unlock business opportunities.

We reviewed those documents, compared them with documents we had already obtained from other sources and concluded they were authentic.

We believe empowering merchants to connect with new audiences using content that feels authentic and genuine to the TikTok experience will be pivotal as they head into the holiday season.

Maxwell testified that she was unsure the photo was authentic but conceded that certain items visible in the image can be found in her London home.

Because by making the ultimate gesture of authenticity through my transition anyway, in a way I felt a kind of pleasant and welcome pressure to also be authentic in other aspects of my life and my art.

Beyond being a place for people of color to connect, it’s also about creating a safe space for folks to be their authentic selves.

Bill Green and his family have been preparing authentic Gullah meals at his restaurant for over 15 years at The Gullah Grub Restaurant.

One, I don’t get to see those kinds of relationships depicted on TV so I felt that it was an incredible responsibility to be given the opportunity and to try to tell it as authentic as I possibly could.