Categorically [adverb]

Definition of Categorically:

certainly, without question

Opposite/Antonyms of Categorically:

Sentence/Example of Categorically:

The report also stated that the special teams coach initially denied to investigators that he made any inappropriate remarks about the LGBTQ community or marriage equality, and that he “categorically denied” making the “nuke” comment.

When I relayed that the VA had categorically denied that nurses were being asked to ration PPE, or that there were shortages early on, she said she was done torturing herself.

Tina Barton, the clerk, called McDaniel’s claim “categorically false” in a video that has been retweeted more than 10,000 times.

McSally, who gets the ninth most money from oil and gas in the Senate, voted for the Great American Outdoors Act and helped lead the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan, but she’s been categorically bad on public-land protection and pollution.

Now, the police budget itself is at the center of an accelerating conversation on criminal justice, in which politicians are embracing formerly controversial ideas, and advocates are forcing categorically new ideas onto the table.

She asked me categorically to give up Effie, and I, full of fresh and glowing memories, absolutely refused.

In a speech at Columbus, O, Lincoln answered the "copy-right essay" categorically.

I expected all these questions in about that order, and answered them categorically.

"I will be here tomorrow evening at this hour," he categorically announced.

Article 56 of the Hague Regulations enacts categorically that "all seizure" of such works and monuments is prohibited.