Decisively [adverb]

Definition of Decisively:

certainly, without question

Opposite/Antonyms of Decisively:

Sentence/Example of Decisively:

As frightening as life was in early March, when the first cases were reported in the US, I was comforted and at times even proud, watching state and local leaders take fast and decisive steps.

If you’ll recall, back when we knew that this was coming from Wuhan, this was coming from China, our president made the decisive move to stop travel.

In fact, I wish he would have done it sooner, but the media headlines were very different when he made those decisive actions to stop a lot of this from coming into the United States.

We aren’t going to have a decisive victory, and it’s going to lead to our country being torn apart even more.

Indeed, Minnesota is now one of the likeliest states to be the Electoral College tipping point — the state that delivers the next president his decisive 270th electoral vote.

Because doctors have been allowed to give plasma to tens of thousands of patients outside of trials, they say, it’s been difficult to gather decisive evidence on the effects.

Decoupling personal information from the platforms’ infrastructure would be a decisive step toward curbing their monopoly power.

For many, the decisive factor was the personal touch they felt.

It’s no District 3 – the big, decisive race between Republican Kristin Gaspar and Democrat Terra Lawson Remer – but it will matter.

Your review can be a decisive factor for someone trying to make the right choice.