Exactly [adverb]

Definition of Exactly:

accurately, particularly

Opposite/Antonyms of Exactly:

Sentence/Example of Exactly:

One look at that card, and anyone who has lived through a year of the pandemic knows exactly what Hallmark is trying to say.

Pathi says no one outside of Bezos’s inner circle knows who that is exactly.

Without knowing exactly who received the messages, the researchers were able to model whether the app was making a difference.

When asked by journalists, representatives from helmet companies readily admit that, but it’s not exactly a highlight of marketing materials.

This month, we present some classical puzzles that do exactly that.

They tasted exactly, and unsurprisingly, like … Honeycomb cereal.

People who make birth control entirely their partner’s problem aren’t exactly heroes, but turning them into parents as punishment is hardly the moral triumph you seem to suggest.

Many organizations were waiting to see how protocols would affect their spring training plans, holding off on official invites and roster moves before they knew exactly how many players and support staff would be allowed to attend.

“It’s evident that these guys knew exactly what they were doing,” said Rogozinski, who said he stopped moderating the subreddit last year.

“We want to keep it exactly the same,” said Tom Chagin, a Domino corporate engineer and the project’s manager.