Rigorously [adverb]

Definition of Rigorously:

word for word; exactly

Synonyms of Rigorously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rigorously:

Sentence/Example of Rigorously:

And the children were few; the population had been rigorously kept down.

And so far as went the words themselves, they were rigorously true.

Here is where the art of skipping is to be rigorously applied.

The Spanish attack was pressed as rigorously as at the beginning.

Ornament of every kind is rigorously excluded from these rooms.

Those I find untrustworthy I mark down, and they will be dealt with rigorously.

They were treated just as rigorously as they had been on board the ships that brought them out.

In Elizabeth's early married life she had kept it rigorously.

She watched his hand, firm and warm, rigorously scoring her work.

In the desert of Bethany Home all these emotions had been rigorously repressed.