Informally [adverb]

Definition of Informally:

as anticipated

Opposite/Antonyms of Informally:

Sentence/Example of Informally:

They create informal communities around an artifact or an exhibition, where people begin to engage with each other and are changed by that conversation.

United is in the early stages of the search and the discussions with Ellis were informal, said one person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The passing of the informal deadline set off a flurry of advisories from election officials and posts on social media encouraging voters who had yet to postmark their ballots to instead drop them off at voting centers — or consider voting in person.

The most vulnerable informal workers and small businesses have been hit the hardest.

Seeing the players with their families and friends, and seeing the commissioner in a more informal fashion — I think it worked.

Today, one in every six people on Earth lives in an informal urban or squatter settlement.

For example, here in New York City, the court system keeps an informal history of someone’s convictions.

People in informal settlements have borne the brunt of such abuses of power and violations of human rights.

It is primarily the women’s unpaid care work and informal labor that informs their perceptions about their marital relationship.

At another online parent forum, on July 16, the district released the results of informal surveys it had conducted.