Modestly [adverb]

Definition of Modestly:

in a modest manner

Synonyms of Modestly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Modestly:

Sentence/Example of Modestly:

"I am afraid you give me too much credit," said Robert, modestly.

"Perhaps you may have heard of me before," said he, modestly.

"But I play to win," he modestly met it, and again they laughed.

"I modestly but freely told him what I thought" of Paradise Lost!

Be careful not to sing too loud, or anything like that: just do it all modestly, as if you were used to it.

"But I've had nothing to do with it," Duthil modestly replied.

I had never met a man of such force and dignity who was so modestly affable.

“I hope he hasn't made a mistake in this instance, sir,” modestly.

After twenty years he said modestly that he 'could not make a judgment of it.'

"One ought to do a little of everything," answered the doctor, modestly.