Swiftly [adverb]

Definition of Swiftly:

very fast

Synonyms of Swiftly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swiftly:

Sentence/Example of Swiftly:

And now, as the train took her swiftly to her fate, she made the best of it.

Then, still softly and swiftly, he lifted the saddle from its peg and put it on its back.

She came to him suddenly and swiftly, and clasped him close to her.

But I will not reproach the dead; her punishment came all too swiftly.

The Margaret was a swift ship, but never yet had she moved so swiftly.

Enoch swiftly passed his arm about her, and turned her homeward.

Swiftly, there glided again into his brain the figure he had raised that night.

She stood out in the corridor while this was deftly and swiftly done.

In the meantime all the troops had assembled and the mutiny been swiftly stamped out.

Among the strikers there was a break that swiftly spread and became a stampede.