Quickly [adverb]

Definition of Quickly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Quickly:

Sentence/Example of Quickly:

Robert hurried upstairs, and quickly returned with the weapon.

He quickly turned the boat to the shore, and the stranger jumped on board.

Percval quickly helped him into a chair, where he became limp.

She saw with amazement, and walked on quickly that Harry might not also see.

She turned away, and walked as quickly as she could up one of the side streets.

All this had happened so quickly that Will was unable to hinder it.

Dick quickly crossed to the table where his brother was sitting.

I've no halter the way I can ride down on the mare, and I must go now quickly.

He went by quickly; and "the blessing of God on you," says he, and I could say nothing.

She moved about her work with less elasticity, and her smile did not come so quickly.