Delayed [adjective]

Definition of Delayed:

held up

Synonyms of Delayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delayed:


Sentence/Example of Delayed:

That episode underscored the precariousness of the delayed season and the importance of Puget Sound’s early Senior Day, an idea that was inspired by Saturday’s opponent.

Umansky said Friday that about 1,000 checks from the delayed batch had been cashed so far, including some reissued payments.

The delayed timing could become an issue with county registrars who need to have districts set in time for the June 2022 primary, said Evan McLaughlin, vice president of Redistricting Partners.

Ant’s planned IPO in Hong Kong and Shanghai was initially seen in China as a major vote of confidence in the country’s markets, but the delayed debut suggests that Beijing isn’t necessarily welcoming the company with open arms.

A record number of absentee and mail-in ballots that needed to be counted delayed election results in many states.

The delayed government response in terms of stimulus has already had a negative impact on the bottom of the market.

Fuzz helps explain physicist John Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment, which illustrates the uncertainty, unreality and nonlocality of the quantum world.

If the Avatar sequel was very, very delayed, it would mean that Ubisoft’s contract would not cover the interactive rights.

The delayed hearing meant they hadn’t missed a court date but had made the journey that put them at risk unnecessarily.

Then it appears that the rebels delayed their attack until the arrival of their chief, hourly expected.