Slowed [verb]

Definition of Slowed:

delay, restrict

Opposite/Antonyms of Slowed:

Sentence/Example of Slowed:

When they approached the entrance to the canyon, gradually Linda slowed down.

He slowed down to an alert and mincing walk and then stopped.

By this time the tug had slowed down a trifle and a boat put out from her.

The train whistled, slowed down, entered the station of Verdun.

He slowed his pace at the 17th floor as two other mechs turned in ahead of him.

Tolto was slowed up a little, but was irresistible, nevertheless.

She slowed her pace a little and turned to look at him curiously.

He ran off two hundred feet, then, marvelous to see, he slowed up.

We slowed down the boat and got our baits overboard at once.

He slowed down for the rush to pass him and then turned to the left into a narrow street.