Postpone [verb]

Definition of Postpone:

put off till later time

Synonyms of Postpone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postpone:

Sentence/Example of Postpone:

Should she postpone it or should she let the boy take all of his hurts together?

And if I do obtain it, will postpone my appointment with Mr. Lovelace.

It is the fashion nowadays to postpone budgets as long as we can,—eh?

Well, we will have to postpone our lesson in literature until afterwards.

I have reasons that I cannot now explain, for all I do, and all I postpone.

If they must occur, at least postpone them as long as possible.

We did not, therefore, think for a moment that you might postpone your visit.

If he didn't recover quickly, they would have to postpone their journey.

I have an engagement in the country, which I cannot postpone.

She has need of our active help, and whatever are the risks we must postpone our start.