Shelve [verb]

Definition of Shelve:

defer, postpone

Synonyms of Shelve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelve:

Sentence/Example of Shelve:

It had previously been decided to shelve "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

The idea was not altogether comfortable, and he tried to shelve it.

We'll shelve that part of the information bureau and work on other lines.

She is head on to the Sand, but the Sand does not shelve much, and her keel is pretty even.

Believe me, they aren't going to shelve me just because one finger's gone!

Ah, well; then we'll shelve that subject too for the present.

These are the momentous, the pressing questions which a man can only shelve at his peril.

But here he could see that the top of the bluff really did shelve over.

You and Curtis see all the decent-looking women and shelve all the rest on me.

Mrs. Taine, Louise, and Jim tried to shelve me--but I fooled 'em.