Stunt [noun]

Definition of Stunt:

deed, trick

Synonyms of Stunt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stunt:

Sentence/Example of Stunt:

Here, Chilvers, I want you to do a couple of columns on that stunt at the Abbey this morning!

This was the "stunt" that he started out there in the country, where we were by ourselves.

She and I drove out by chance, to hear Moore doing his stunt in the circus-ground.

Like the rest of us, his only thought was to see those sheep do their "stunt."

Her father had her down at the station doing a stunt for a bunch of professors.

The girl had gone into her stunt with a sort of angry energy.

He comes over and tells me about that Mission Ridge stunt of his every chance he gets.

No more would he stunt his spiritual growth by self-satisfaction.

Seeing that the stunt was on a small scale, we seem to have got into the Turks with a vengeance.

Too bad, but I don't trust the Sans even to do this stunt in a nice way.