Postponed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Postponed:

With the knowledge that he could pay his debts, he postponed the day.

But Napoleon did not intend that the matter should be given up or postponed.

Of course, his marriage was now to be postponed till the election should be over.

I re-urged her to make me happy, but I was to be postponed to her cousin Morden's arrival.

The pleasure of reading that book must be postponed until I reach New York.

Wars even were stopped for a time in order that the games might not be postponed.

But this operation was postponed for a few moments by a new occurrence.

Every point of importance was postponed until their meeting in London.

So many peers have something to say that it is postponed till Monday.

"I'm afraid that pleasure will have to be postponed indefinitely," he observed.