Straining [verb]

Definition of Straining:

stretch, often to limit

Synonyms of Straining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straining:

Sentence/Example of Straining:

Sidney, straining her ears, gathered that they had seen a miracle, and that the wonder was still on them.

I wished him to go on, but he was peering into my straining eyes with anxious sympathy.

If not perfectly bright after straining, you may clarify it in this manner.

Then suddenly she was in his arms, shaking and sobbing, straining him to her.

He tensed, straining his ears for any movement that might locate the hidden foe.

It was the sound of wheels for which his ears were straining.

The double team were straining mightily on their heavy tugs.

The tree had begun to lean, and two of the guides were straining taut.

William was straining at his collar and growling like an incipient thunderstorm.

Erect in the middle of the drawing-room, Constance listened, straining her ears.