Itchy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Itchy:

The fibers work just like normal wool but are less itchy next to your skin.

In addition to the swelling, much of her body was covered in itchy red splotches.

Do not turn a healthy flock on to pasture, from which itchy sheep have recently been driven.

Once he stopped to scratch; he rubbed his back against the stump, and clawed at the itchy spot with left forepaw.

It is exceedingly itchy and a child may scratch itself and cause extensive harm.

Rue-rub; when a person incautiously scratches an itchy spot so as to break the skin: that is rue-rub.

It is not infrequently itchy, and, moreover, presents a different history.

It may also occur in horses with itchy legs, as a result of the animal rubbing the leg with the shoe of the opposite limb.

The affected part is hot and itchy, but the patient does not complain of great pain.

I am thinking this over in an academic sort of way when an itchy trickle of sweat starts down my vertebrae.