Tingling [verb]

Definition of Tingling:

feel tickled, itchy

Synonyms of Tingling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tingling:


Sentence/Example of Tingling:

"She is indeed," cried Alleyne from his heart, all tingling at this sudden turn of the talk.

Listening with tingling ears, I knew what she wanted him to answer.

Let us be merry, for the day is sweet and the ale is tingling.

In that terrible instant it ran, like tingling ice, through my veins.

John Storm was on his feet; the blood was mounting to his face and tingling in his fingers.

She caught her breath and waited a moment, tingling all over.

I was tingling with joy, but all the same I knew that a grim battle was before me.

I sank back to the floor, tingling from the shock of the hostile current.

That great, magic cry; fingering at the heart, tingling the blood.

Soon would there be weeping and wailing and tingling of palms.