Prickling [adjective]

Definition of Prickling:


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Sentence/Example of Prickling:

There was a prickling at the base of my scalp and I was drenched with cold sweat.

During the night, the fullness, numbness, and prickling were much increased.

For a strange nothing had started my neck-hairs to prickling.

That instant, wherever the weight of his hand had been, the prickling began.

He felt a prickling on the nape of his neck, as the hair stirred there.

He woke some time later with the prickling feeling of danger on his skin.

Hyrst's nerves were prickling with a mixture of fierce satisfaction and fear.

And in the silence there came to him again that strange, prickling apprehension.

With him gone, Helen felt a palpitating of her heart and a prickling of her skin.

Lindsays hair rose with a prickling progress from his scalp.