Athirst [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Athirst:

The river's song should have summoned up the vision of those living waters, and their wooing, "Let him that is athirst come!"

He was always athirst for fresh proofs of it, and these were forthcoming every day.

"The water of life freely, and let him that is athirst say come," echoed the old lady feelingly.

If there is any truth in me that the world wants, nothing will hinder the world from drinking what it is athirst for.

So he travelled all that morning, and the day was very bright and warm, so that by and by he was an-hungered and athirst.

The Kafirs, athirst for blood, afraid to attack the camps, had gone roaming about for days seeking whom they might devour.

They are like water when one is athirst, like plovers' eggs in March, like cigars when one is out in the autumn.

But the heart and soul of man wants more than that; as it is written, “My soul is athirst for God, even for the living God.”

Here was one bitten by the serpent of love, and athirst for an image of the sex to serve for the cooling herb, as youth will be.

I will give to him that is athirst the water of life freely.