Waiting [verb]

Definition of Waiting:

pause, rest

Opposite/Antonyms of Waiting:

Sentence/Example of Waiting:

Mrs. Drelmer glanced above to where some one seemed to be waiting for him.

When he came out ten minutes later Uncle Peter was waiting for him alone.

He looked over her shoulder again, and saw that Shepler was waiting for her.

He is to sup at the Deanery to-morrow, and I am to be in waiting to see him.

He was waiting to obtain the papacy, when he would deal better with the abuses.

But every eye was upon me, and the Church was silent as death, waiting for my rising.

They might be waiting now at the mouth of any of these gullies.

When Nurse had gone she would lie still in her cot, waiting.

But light and motion and a grand future are waiting for such as he.

"I have been waiting this time back," said Hordle John gruffly.