Await [verb]

Definition of Await:

wait with expectation

Synonyms of Await:

Opposite/Antonyms of Await:


Sentence/Example of Await:

The rally in global equities continues on Wednesday as investors await the Fed’s big policy briefing later today.

A similar state measure that would take effect at the start of the year is awaiting the governor’s signature.

While experts are awaiting more guidance on exactly who is on the hook for paying back the taxes, some experts suggest the big risk with participating in the payroll tax holiday is that the employer would get stuck with the bill come next year.

There are currently 315,000 naturalization applicants awaiting their interviews, which on average occur two months before an oath ceremony, according to a Boundless analysis.

For now, it’s still the early innings for Neuralink—the company is awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The advocate is being held for two months awaiting trial on charges that carry multi-year prison sentences.

As the world awaits the results of the first crop of coronavirus vaccines to enter the final phase of testing, Russia has seemingly skipped ahead.

The administration last year began requiring persons fleeing poverty and persecution, mostly in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, to apply from outside the United States and await a decision in a third country.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a return to normal.

That includes 37 million people in the US, 100,000 of whom pass away each year awaiting a kidney transplant.