Unquiet [adjective]

Definition of Unquiet:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unquiet:


Sentence/Example of Unquiet:

My soul has been spoiled by the world, my imagination is unquiet, my heart insatiate.

Mrs. Wilcox, that unquiet yet kindly ghost, must be left to her own wrong.

An unquiet and mysterious country of inextinguishable desires and fears.

"I had my happy days—my days of care-free youth," the unquiet man was saying.

One could not believe the unquiet sea was so near, with its gifts and its unending menace.

What reason he had to be unquiet, will be more apparent at a later period.

Confess, however, that if she is unquiet to-night, it Will be without reason.

Men said that Gunhild had bewitched him, but more likely it was his own unquiet spirit.

Everywhere there are minds tossing on the unquiet waves of doubt.

All that was turbulent, if not all that was unquiet, in my recollections, had died away.