Fidgeting [verb]

Definition of Fidgeting:

move restlessly

Synonyms of Fidgeting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fidgeting:



Sentence/Example of Fidgeting:

The formal study will involve a computerized fidget ball and carefully coded video observation of the participants.

He said he didn't want his family fidgeting him, and the surgeon said he would be all right in a few days.

To see a hostess fidgeting, constantly going in and out, argues ill for her tact in arranging the house for company.

They stood waiting near a lamp-post; he, fidgeting as usual, she, straight and still.

Althotas listened in silence, with no other token of impatience than fidgeting with a scalpel in his hands.

I fidgeted up and down the raft, abusing myself to myself, and Jim was fidgeting up and down past me.

Jack Parker stood next to me, fidgeting about uneasily, because it was against rules to talk on stand.

This young gentleman, who had been fidgeting about like some uneasy insect, now became greatly embarrassed.

"Why, not exactly that," said Mrs. Campbell, fidgeting in her chair and growing very red.

Don Zeno resumed, after a short pause, fidgeting his sabre knot with suppressed ill temper.