Jiggle [verb]

Definition of Jiggle:

bounce up and down

Synonyms of Jiggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jiggle:



Sentence/Example of Jiggle:

I saw young women jiggle and jerk all over until their hair was all thrown down, and their clothing disarranged.

But their ears are cold, and they jiggle on one leg against a frosty toe.

And if you rode on Prince, which is the other horse, he might jiggle you off into a snow bank.

Nothing wrong with jazz—where the lights go out in the dance hall and the dancers jiggle and toddle and wiggle in a frenzy?

Wall, may I be jiggle-toggled, shipmates, but sech a screechin' an' yellin' you never heered w'en we got aboard.

There was no "jiggle" now, as Bunny called it, for the motor was not running like a sewing machine down in the hold of the boat.

However, before he could get near enough to her to "jiggle" her arm, and make her drop the pan, Dinah came in.

But where, all this while, is Ragland Castle, and when will the old mare jiggle joggle to the end of our course?

And his head bobbed slowly up and down, for it was fastened so that the least jar or jiggle would move it.

Every curve and jiggle and bounce was engraved forever on his mind.