Inconstant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inconstant:

Women accuse men of being inconstant, and men retort that women are fickle.

Much attention was given to the arrangement of the hair, the fashions being as numerous and as inconstant as they are to-day.

This inconstant temper he had already manifested, and given the worst example of, before his acquaintance with the great tempter.

My pretty Lotty knew perfectly the power they gave her over the restless and inconstant heart of man, but she did not abuse it.

Catharine had not mistaken her power over the feeble intellect and the inconstant will of her son.

The faithless and inconstant will be marked out as the objects of its censure and reproaches.

Education is in the first place instruction in what is necessary, and then in what is changing and inconstant.

Curled up in a big leather chair, she spoke of her fear of hurting him, of being inconstant—like her father.

The more important his alliance with Saxony, the more anxiety the inconstant temper of John George caused him.

But his Maker knew, too, the inconstant nature of man, and bound him with the strictest charges.