Flickering [adjective]

Definition of Flickering:

shining unsteadily

Synonyms of Flickering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flickering:


Sentence/Example of Flickering:

His 29-yard touchdown catch came on a pass thrown by quarterback Teddy Bridgewater off a flea flicker, as the Panthers cashed in on an interception thrown by Ryan.

She opened the letter by the flickering firelight, which was stronger on the hearthrug than the light of the dim November day.

With difficulty his almost imperceptible spark of life had been screened and fanned into a dim and flickering flame.

He snuggled Lovin Child close in his arms and held him there, and stared dim-eyed at the flickering shadows on the wall.

I sat there, feeling very much alone, with Holaf watching me somberly, the only light a flickering amber from the fire.

She could see him dimly now, under the street lamp that sent a faint, flickering light through the fog.

With his knife he quickly severed the thong that bound one of them, and the dull, red gold gleamed back in the flickering light!

He stopped and turned on her, seeing her white face dimly in the flickering street.

The three bronze lamps high up in the vault were flickering dimly.

A stairway wound upward lit at intervals by flickering sconces.