Intermittent [adjective]

Definition of Intermittent:

irregular, sporadic

Opposite/Antonyms of Intermittent:

Sentence/Example of Intermittent:

After midnight, much of the area should see intermittent snow, which could remain mixed with sleet and rain to the south of the Beltway.

They will mainly have to hope for the best as they receive intermittent updates.

In other words, we cannot rule out some intermittent snow or snow showers tomorrow.

The brazen roar of the cannon is mingled with the intermittent rattle of innumerable machine guns.

After ten days of intermittent suffering, during which the valet had felt no apprehension, he had died suddenly.

Day after day they rode through caons and winding intermittent gullies, shallow basins, and dry washes.

About five minutes afterwards, in some intermittent flash of reason, he found he had got hold of something.

When Dr. Smith arrived, he found him suffering from an attack of intermittent fever, and hastened to render aid.

I put this very tamely, being on the whole a quiet elderly man; but it is a strong passion with me, though intermittent.

There was intermittent fighting around the volcanic pipe, the police reported.