Shifting [verb]

Definition of Shifting:

switch, fluctuate

Opposite/Antonyms of Shifting:

Sentence/Example of Shifting:

And, since they find it to be a shifting miracle of perfections, how are they to be quarrelled with?

By shifting his position his lips came close to her bare young arm.

By shifting his position, the man was able to see the girl's face.

I can hardly tell what followed, there was so much manoeuvring and shifting of berths.

The shifting of Positions by springing, may be known by what follows, viz.

It was directly in our teeth and shifting the loose snow unpleasantly.

It was an inferno of shifting lights and long leaping shadows.

"Safe, quite safe," she said, shifting uneasily from foot to foot.

If you can't, I'll be after shifting for myself as best I can.

Not one, but several shadows were shifting there among the trees.