Sleepless [adjective]

Definition of Sleepless:

insomniac, restless

Synonyms of Sleepless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sleepless:


Sentence/Example of Sleepless:

In your service I have spent many toilsome days and sleepless nights.

Long was the conference, and sleepless the couch, of Mr. and Mrs. Morton.

In any great trouble, any terrible suspense, look at our sleepless nights!

If the Marquis can spend a sleepless night, we can afford to do so.

That night I was sleepless—but about Charley—not about Mary.

Every effort was in vain; I groaned with vexation as I felt that I was in for a sleepless night.

It had borne on her with the wearing intensity of sleepless nights.

The windows without curtains had an indigent, sleepless look.

The consoler of sleepless nights, of weary days; the companion of troubled years!

It may be imagined in what state I spent the rest of that sleepless night.