Wakeful [adjective]

Definition of Wakeful:

alert, restless

Synonyms of Wakeful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wakeful:

Sentence/Example of Wakeful:

He fell asleep, after a long, wakeful night, and did not hear the maid who called him.

The commandant passed a wakeful night and arrived early at his office.

That, too, he had been considering during the wakeful hours of that summer night.

Twould be the worse for me (said he) an he caught me wakeful when he turned in.

Wakeful birds deceived by the moon piped softly and were silent.

No, it was not the story he had listened to which kept him wakeful.

The conditions were such as to make one wakeful and alert, if anything could.

By her presence she had sanctified it and made of it a shrine for his meditative and wakeful hours.

And the dream was lovely as dream needs be, but not lovelier than the wakeful night.

The child, tired, but wakeful, stood at the door in fear of the dog.