Impeding [verb]

Definition of Impeding:

obstruct, hinder

Synonyms of Impeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impeding:

Sentence/Example of Impeding:

Pollution also reduces grain yield by severely impeding photosynthesis.

Bates laments that too much attention has been put on SB 1090’s seawall policies, which impede the Coastal Act by grandfathering in development that has previously been prohibited from building seawalls.

There was no crowding or impeding haste in their dumb exodus.

I went on gayly with my pious guide and his hopeful companion, no sinister accident impeding our journey.

There was another element impeding his progress which he by no means ignored—that was the Blue Goose.

For the crowd had already begun to press behind, and, stretching nearly across the roadway, was impeding the traffic.

Merle, with his world-weary gesture, swept the impeding lock from his pale brow and set pained eyes upon his father by adoption.

The most refractory he openly menaced with condign punishment, should they make the slightest attempt at impeding the voyage.

"Stick that other pillow under her," he ordered me, sharply enough in spite of the impeding pencil.

The fallen Whig upset the board with him, and it lay upon the stairs, useless as a weapon, but still impeding the enemy's advance.