Deter [verb]

Definition of Deter:

check, inhibit from action

Synonyms of Deter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deter:

Sentence/Example of Deter:

Those burdens, while they seem small, could also deter people who need the vaccine from getting it.

Others have been deterred by fear of the virus, especially in jobs at restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues.

Sam Lemmo, who oversees the department’s Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands, has reasoned that the sandbags and burritos deter property owners from building illegal seawalls.

I get to wear a mask all the time that deters microparticles — and smells.

We know current laws deter testing and create additional barriers for vulnerable populations.

The city argued it was doing so to protect motorists from bankruptcies that were doomed to fail and to deter filings from those who had no intention of paying their debts.

From Virginia to Colorado, freezing temperatures will not deter these destinations from embracing the opportunity to turn cold weather into a winter adventure.

Scholars of democracy see it as a vital form of horizontal accountability, of ensuring that leaders are deterred from engaging in the most egregious abuses of power.

Their sturdy skeletons may also deter predators or prevent damage from animals that might collide with them, Penick added, though none of this fully explains their ultra-robustness.

All were prepared to confine a protest, but not to deter an attack, law enforcement officials said.