Burdensome [adjective]

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It will also be burdensome for the United States Postal Service, which under new postmaster general Louis DeJoy, had initially decreased mailbox availability and the use of sorting machines, leading to long delays in delivery.

Although the cases were dropped, the matter turned out to be financially burdensome to Ramos.

He argued that the government has less burdensome alternatives, such as the stake sale, to achieve its national-security aims.

These companies fear that national data privacy legislation would be burdensome or badly designed.

Nevertheless his journalistic work, like his lessons at the Conservatoire, was burdensome.

Like the Mosaic Law, under the sedulous care of the sacerdotal orders it ripened into a most burdensome ritualism.

Its cost, too, made it all the more burdensome for the poor, and the working classes could scarcely have worn it at all.

Only somewhere down below, under the surface of his life, something like a dark and burdensome secret dogged him wherever he went.

She had many duties, but did not find them burdensome, or feel the strain of domestic labor she had been warned about.

In his old age his empire seemed to him too vast and the duties of government too burdensome for his failing strength.