Peculiar [adjective]

Definition of Peculiar:

characteristic, distinguishing

Synonyms of Peculiar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peculiar:

Sentence/Example of Peculiar:

He dwelt on the childhood of Philothea with peculiar pleasure.

The physique of the true fashionable is peculiar and characteristic.

Of all the chickens on the place this was his peculiar property.

He thought, too, of the lean face and the peculiar, set eye of Dozier.

She was indeed a peculiar girl—the more the pity for the many that made her so!

The peculiar feelings one has who is a "runaway" are indescribable.

Of course you are familiar with the peculiar conformation of Cape Cod.

Is the peculiar flavour of the cheese due to this non-drinking habit?

To him that was the peculiar feature of the disturbance in his nature.

Now it framed a face of youth and beauty with peculiar pathos.