Maddening [adjective]

Definition of Maddening:


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Sentence/Example of Maddening:

He explained what happened in exquisite detail, and I have to say, it’s maddening.

To see a part of my scheme, from which I had hoped so much, go wrong before my eyes is maddening!

They pay the penalty in that late—sometimes not so late—intolerable maddening ennui.

The dull thud of a footfall in the cell above hammers on my head with maddening regularity.

And in spite of your liberal thorns and maddening incomprehensibilities, you can always put homesickness to flight.

Later on Henri was to find that lack of self and sex consciousness one of the maddening mysteries about Sara Lee.

The priest must have thought this, too, for he finished his rice in maddening tranquillity, and then stirred slightly as if to go.

Im going to break loose—stop this eternal, maddening fighting to hold myself in—give way!

It began way down somewhere, and proceeded with maddening accuracy to ascend through the semi-tones of a gigantic scale.

And yet the spectacle was rather maddening in its levity than impressive by its force.